Ghiorso is the lead PI of the ENKI project. He received his Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley in 1980 on research that focused on the thermochemistry of high-temperature aqueous solutions and thermodynamic modeling of silicate melts. Following that he moved to the University of Washington, and in conjunction with Richard Sack, developed a hierarchy of internally consistent thermodynamic solution models for the rock-forming silicates, which permitted the development of models and computational tools for the calculation of chemical mass transfer in magmatic systems (MELTS). Ghiorso is now Vice President of OFM Research, and continues to work on applications of thermodynamic and kinetic modeling to the evolution of magmatic systems. In addition to ENKI, he recently began a project with Dimitri Sverjensky to merge thermochemical models of high-temperature/pressure aqueous solutions (DEW) with MELTS.
(Photo location: Tongariro National Park, New Zealand)



Software, databases, and computational tools

MELTS, pMELTS, and thermodynamic properties calculators

Database portal for experimental data on mineral-melt equilibria

PhasePlot, software for visualization of phase equilibria on pressure-temperature grids. Available through the Apple App Store.

MagmaSat (Mac) and MagmaSatApp (iPad), software for computation of saturation conditions of H2O-CO2 mixed fluids in natural composition silicate melts. Available through the Apple App Store.

Publications relevant to the ENKI project

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